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Convert Leads into Sales

Turning into Profit

No matter what your numbers are, turning leads into sales is important of business survival


Bigger audience isn’t always better. Finding and targeting the right people is key to success.

Find your right audience is now easy with us !

Larger Audience

Do you even know anyone who doesn’t have an email address? Every mobile device have an email and allow people to check their email constantly. Email is still the best way to reach broader.

Customers Love It

Sending good email is a vibrant and powerful way to connect with Customers.
Your customer read the message, get inspired and even look forward to the next one.

Better Lead Convertion

When it comes to converting audience into your customers, email marketing is have better convertion even comparing with Social Media. That because email can do segmentation and personalisation


You can provide different tailored email to specific group of customers and it will easier to provide something of value for each customers.


You can targeted people individually by name or split certain topics or content only for specific members of your list and eventually arrive privately in their personal inbox.

Use both segmented and targeted emails can increase up to 760% in revenue compare with social media , non-segementation and non-targeted campaign.

Flywheel on the go...

Marketing inbound strategy now shifting from the funnel system to the FLYWHEEL STRATEGY. Flywheel redefine the 3-phases (Attract – Engage – Delight) and use your Customers in the centre of it. It guarantee to maximimize your revenues, reduce the friction cost and boost the profit.

Social Media is a great channel for interacting with new audience and it provide good way promotion to attract new customers. But it doesn’t have all good features in email campaign strategy and only has limited ways to engage and delight your customers.

We use both Flywheel and Funnel system, so you can easily create email campaign – from attract new customers, engage them using segmentation, re-engage one-time customer become loyal customers, opportunity to boost revenue using cross-sale and up-sale using educational marketing, make conversational marketing to delight your audience, or creating resonate message that can increase your brand awareness.

Want to learn Flywheel for your business ?


Grow Subscribers

Create landing pages, pop-ups and embedded forms help you capture more audiences.


Email segmentation allows you to take your contact list and group your audience into smaller categories.


Personalize your campaigns with our advanced targeting features and deliver the right email to each subscriber when it’s right for them.

Pinpoint Timing

Specify the exact moment you want people to receive a message on a page.


Improve your metrics performance by A/B testing against variants to find a winner and use control groups to measure the impact.

Track Result

Monitor your campaign performance to find what works best for your business.


Integrate your campaign with email questionaire.

Reviews & Stars

Reviews and Stars is quick way to get your Customers value about your business.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

Use can-spam compliance message and make sure your message didn't land on spam folder of your customers.

Complete Features right on your email ?


01. Value over Brand

Always keep in mind that your business core value must help your customer to achive their success too. When you focus on redefine your brand without understanding this, they will leave your business quicker .

02. Repurposing the Content

To repurposing the content, you must be cognizant of those occasions to shine and making the most of those moments to your customers. Listen to your customers and create your story relatable with your brand that can resonate your customers.

03. Action oriented

Action oriented email is message that lets your customers reply with a simple action. Wheter you’re creating an email campaign, designing a transactional email for your eCommerce store, or setting up a new landing page on your site, you have to focus on is your call-to-action.

04. Engaging Experiences
Instead of just transactions, your business must make memorable interactions. This can include gamification, customer participate or content sprouting.
05. Measurable
Your email campaign must easy to measure. You can use our email marketing ROI metric. You also can analyze 7 important metrics : deliveribility, open rates, click-through rates, conversion rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate and abuse report.